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31 Days of Kingdom Hearts
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17 June 2oo8: never wrote back, sora/kairi. 
25th-Jun-2008 01:23 pm
Title: Routine.
Author: arson_attrition
Prompt & Day: never wrote back: 17 June, 2oo8
Character/Pairings: Kairi, Kairi/Sora, Sora.
Rating: Teen.
Summary: He's been gone too long ... but, at least, when he comes back, the sky is as bright as his heart.
Warnings: Not for the het-haters. Is "Happy Ending" a warning?
Author Note: Grahh, prompts. Inspiration. For writing pairings and characters that I usually don't. In my head, the prompt had a lot more impact. I dunno if I conveyed it properly, but I tried.

When Sora comes home, there is celebration and light. Kairi watches him from the shore as he rejoices with his other friends, looking to her with a smile that aligns their hearts, if only for a moment. Riku is grinning from the side, arms crossed and the King perched on his shoulder.

Things are better. Things are brighter, even in the night, when fireworks dance in the sky for the celebration of a hero's return. Kairi can't help but feel the sad but warm pang in her heart when she sees Sora and his parents embrace for the first time in ... too long. Sora looks desperate and fleeting, but his parents aren't as occupied (having unknowingly forgotten their son's existence for a year).

They sneak off. It's not something they've ever done before. Usually it was Sora and Riku always sneaking off to have fun in the night (back when the night wasn't such a vexatious thing) or play a game of strength in the pit-black wilderness of the ocean on their island.

Kairi doesn't even bother to wonder if it's a taboo thing. They've both matured in age, curiosity for the unknown driving them to do things they may not have done when they were last regularly spending time together.

There's an odd tension there now: a pressure point on the back of her neck, slipping into her until it flutters as a captive in her breast (and other areas even far more secret than that).

Sora's doing his best not to notice as he avoids eye contact with her and watches the wildlife around like he's actually missed it. It's like it's back to routine after a vacation that went across the universe. He is restless.

She can only smile, folding her arms gently in the small of her back. He fidgets more and then gives a cry of "oh!" and rummages in his oversized pockets.

Kairi takes a step forward in questioning as he hands her a piece of paper with her perfect hand-writing on it, the dots and slashes of her calligraphy something of which to be envious. "Thinking of you, wherever you are..." She recites in a whisper that's surely quieter than the pounding of her heart (of Sora's heart) in her ears.

And that's when Sora takes her cheek softly in his warm hands, tilts her just gently to give her the most chaste kiss she's ever experienced.

There's magic. She knew there would be, this warmth in her belly and tingling on her fingertips. The secret paradise behind her eyelids is brimming and full of light and maybe even sheds a secret tear.

Sora understands.

Breathless for a moment, her eyes are locked on his ... before she gives him a playful punch in his arm that he tries too hard not to rub and whine about.

"You never wrote back, you jerk."

They both laugh, and Sora can't help but grin up at the sky swollen with stars. None of them will fall tonight.
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