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31 Days of Kingdom Hearts
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31 May, 2oo8 / the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation / saix, zexion 
4th-Jun-2008 10:31 pm
Title: The Art We Practice.
Author: arson_attrition
Prompt & Day: 31 May, 2oo8: the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation.
Character/Pairings: Saix, Zexion.
Rating: G.
Summary: Another discarded tool for lapsed profiteering.
Warnings: GenFic, for the most part. Assholey Saix.
Author Note: This is the third one of these I've written today. Brain is dyyying. But I wanted to get at least one in for the May prompts. Hoping to keep the comm alive. ♥ Also, first post here.

Saix isn't the least bit perplexed when he finds Zexion in the laboratory. He still has those scientific tendencies carried over from a past life, from a time when Saix didn't know the person named "Ienzo". Even now he only knows him as another stranger in a black cloak, another machine without the hum of a motor.

Another discarded tool for lapsed profiteering.

No, what he's truly confused about is what exactly Number VI is doing. There's a disheveled piece a paper in his hand with a disheveled look in his eyes that shows confusion.

It looks like a complex piece of work. With all the books he's read, Saix is surprised the younger isn't more fluent with simply folding paper.

Slowly, the blue of his eyes rises up from the beige and sees the Superior's Assistant with one hand on the door frame. He looks pacifistic now, but one can never be too sure when it comes to the Diviner.

A nod is his only greeting.

Zexion returns to glancing at the book, a nervous residue seeming to cling to his shoulders under the taller's presence and he eventually sets the piece of paper away and folds his hands on the table to look again to his comrade. "May I help you, Saix?"

"What are you doing?" is the cutthroat response from the man who's only just now walking into the room, picking up the folded paper and looking at it, as though it were a foreign invader in his territory.

"It's a past time my Somebody rather enjoyed. It's called 'origami'."

"It looks like a waste of time."

He almost flinches at this, but keeps up his calm demeanor. He stands, walking about the table and plucking the experiment from VII's hands, smoothing out the corners. It's a successful piece, but could use some perfecting. "Do you know nothing of war?"

Saix snorts, a quiet insisting that he's fluent in the art.

"Then why is it you know nothing of creation?"

There is silence.

And the Schemer sighs and shakes his head, taking the man's hand and putting the construction in his hand. "You wouldn't be much more than a basic soldier with that attitude."

Saix snorts again and crushes the frail thing in his hand as he walks away.

His response is unspoken but holds all the power that vocals couldn't give it. "Then why am I the one hand-chosen to be Xemnas's assistant?"
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