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31 Days of Kingdom Hearts
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June 1 
4th-Jun-2008 02:04 pm
Title: Descenders
Author: kaboom
Prompt & Day: June 1 - tonight the stars revolt
Character/Pairings: A grab-bag of Organization characters.
Rating: G
Summary: Dying is beautiful if you live in the sky.
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, thank God.
Warnings: Nada.
Author Note: I'm actually kind of in shock I wrote genfic. I just ranted about how much I didn't like it in my journal like two days ago. Ugh karma D:


Meteor showers were not common in The World That Never Was. The empty space surrounding the world was what scientists called "dark matter" - that is, a substance that was the source of gravity and yet was not affected by inertia or any other forms of energy. The sky around them, the Nobodies believed, was probably just an illusion anyway, stars they saw just figments of their twisted imaginations.

One night the heavenly bodies around the world began to fall, streaking showers of white behind them. Even those Nobodies due for missions stuck around the castle to watch the show.

Xemnas sat on his balcony, brooding, while Saïx stood nervously behind him. The Berserker was twitching uncontrollably, as any kind of celestial abnormality was enough to put him on edge. He kept glancing at the large, silvery body suspended above the castle. If one of the meteors was to smash into it, he would go off the deep end - quite literally, considering where he was standing.

Xigbar seemed to be having the most fun, running back and forth across the roof firing his gun arrows into the night sky in hopes of exploding one of the falling rocks. He succeeded a few times, whooping and firing more bullets into the air.

One of the bullets flew into Axel's window, where Number VIII had been watching the show from. The bullet went right through his chest and he stood, reaching a hand inside himself and casually pulling it out of the darkness he was made of. Roxas watched him from where he was sitting on the redhead's bed. Axel glanced at the arrow-bullet, then at the boy, and tossed it to him. Roxas caught it easily. His eyes were a brilliant blue and Axel had to marvel at how they compared with the glittering shower in the sky outside.

Demyx had settled himself away from Xigbar, tucked between two of the castle's windows. One of his feet dangled off the ledge. He had a can of Organization Coke in one hand (which tasted just like regular Coke, really) but never took a single sip. His eyes took in the spectacular sight of the meteors falling, falling, just like their own damned souls.

Demyx wondered if dying was as beautiful as this.

In addition I made some cruddy little icons.

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4th-Jun-2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
W-wow! This is a really neat take on the prompt. I'm surprised you didn't mention, though, how stars falling and fading out mean the end of a world. Imagine, all those worlds dying...

I love Demyx's part in this, though. Seems fit to end it with him. ♥ But, I'm a biased DemyxWhore. xD

Awww, what's wrong with genfic?
8th-Jun-2008 11:42 pm (UTC)
late comment lol

Aw, thanks :D

I just... find a lot of genfic boring, I guess XD At least, the longer ones. I thrive on romance and sex in fanfics because I'm a typical fifteen year old slash loving whore :
9th-Jun-2008 03:58 am (UTC)
Aha, I think we're all that way at our most basic foundation. It just takes a very special person to pull of genfic in a well-orchestrated manner. For those that can, however, they know they don't need romance and sex to create that same kind of tension and passion.

But, that's a rant saved for another day/another post. ♥ This, here, is beauteous.

Same person, just wayyyy too lazy to switch accounts, lol.
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