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31 Days of Kingdom Hearts
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Title: Routine.
Author: arson_attrition
Prompt & Day: never wrote back: 17 June, 2oo8
Character/Pairings: Kairi, Kairi/Sora, Sora.
Rating: Teen.
Summary: He's been gone too long ... but, at least, when he comes back, the sky is as bright as his heart.
Warnings: Not for the het-haters. Is "Happy Ending" a warning?
Author Note: Grahh, prompts. Inspiration. For writing pairings and characters that I usually don't. In my head, the prompt had a lot more impact. I dunno if I conveyed it properly, but I tried.

Things are better.Collapse )
Title: Hallucinations Aren't Lies.
Author: arson_attrition
Prompt & Day: A Twist In My Story: 16 June, 2oo8.
Character/Pairings: KH-Verse Tidus, FFX-Verse Yuna, hinted Tidus/Yuna.
Rating: G.
Summary: I am just a child. I don't understand why... but I think she does.
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X are owned by Square-Enix, and the former is split with Disney.
Warnings: Slight morbidity.
Author Note: It's easier to get the undertones of this drabble if you've actually played FFX, but it's not ... entirely necessary, I guess. Thanks to kaboom for this awesome prompt, because it really set my muses to work. ♥

This is my story.Collapse )
Title: The Art We Practice.
Author: arson_attrition
Prompt & Day: 31 May, 2oo8: the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation.
Character/Pairings: Saix, Zexion.
Rating: G.
Summary: Another discarded tool for lapsed profiteering.
Warnings: GenFic, for the most part. Assholey Saix.
Author Note: This is the third one of these I've written today. Brain is dyyying. But I wanted to get at least one in for the May prompts. Hoping to keep the comm alive. ♥ Also, first post here.

It looks like a waste of time.Collapse )
4th-Jun-2008 02:04 pm - June 1
Title: Descenders
Author: kaboom
Prompt & Day: June 1 - tonight the stars revolt
Character/Pairings: A grab-bag of Organization characters.
Rating: G
Summary: Dying is beautiful if you live in the sky.
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, thank God.
Warnings: Nada.
Author Note: I'm actually kind of in shock I wrote genfic. I just ranted about how much I didn't like it in my journal like two days ago. Ugh karma D:

dark matterCollapse )

And some icons :DCollapse )
Kingdom Hearts | Riku&Sora
Title: Wedding Blues
Author: aurons_fan.
Prompt & Day: May 29 -- love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice 
Character/Pairings: Riku, Sora/Kairi, Onesided Riku/Sora
Rating: PG
Summary: Riku only realized he loved Sora on Sora's wedding day.
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney.
Warnings: None. Spoilers, kinda, for KH2.
Author Note: ...including Disney was actually really fun. <3

( Riku hadn’t realized exactly how much he loved Sora until this very day. )
30th-May-2008 09:46 pm - JUNE 2008 PROMPTS
the phone will bite me
Here are the prompts for June 2008, compiled by two lovely community members: arson_attrition and kaboom. (The first 15 have been compiled by arson_attrition, the second 15 by kaboom). All thanks go to them. They came up with some awesome things.

o1. tonight, the stars revolt.
o2. because "goodbye" is just too quaint.
o3. there's a revolution in everyone, so just blame the gun.
o4. the black sheep.
o5. hati and skoll.
o6. a smoker at heart.
o7. crooked house.
o8. learning to lay still.
o9. you can only truly see yourself in a dirty mirror.
1o. i am out of my mind.
11. cadaver.
12. hi, miss alice.
13. drifting in a sea of scarlet.
14. eventually the vertigo fades.
15. paramour, nevermore.
16. a twist in my story
17. never wrote back
18. time machine
19. socially awkward
20. fireflies in jars
21. ladybird
22. riddle me this
23. ten little indians
24. hard to swallow
25. fireworks
26. sand between my toes
27. cosmos
28. the eye of the storm
29. stop traffic
30. spoon full of sugar

As per usual, last month's prompts are good until June 7th. Happy writing this month!

For next month's prompts, the person who uses the most of this months' prompts gets to write next month's! <3
4th-May-2008 10:04 pm - No More Sorrow -- May 2
the phone will bite me
Title: No More Sorrow
Author: fireflypenance
Prompt & Day: May 2 -- I used to be my own protection.
Character/Pairings: Leon/Cloud
Rating: PG
Summary: Leon thinks about a great many things, including how he got where he is.
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Warnings: M/M.
Author Note: None.

(no roads left but one)

x-posted to khyaoi, khfanfiction, leonxcloud, 31khdays, and problemchildfic
the phone will bite me
Title: Sweat-soaked Leather and Cotton
Author: fireflypenance
Prompt & Day: May 1 -- must have been late afternoon
Character/Pairings: Leon/Cloud, Aerith, mention of Sephiroth
Rating: R
Summary: Leon's frustration was like sweat-soaked leather and cotton, clinging to him.
Disclaimer: I do not own. I wish o.o;
Warnings: m/m and character death
Author Note: It's a little violent, but not directly and openly.

(forfeit the game)
2nd-May-2008 02:20 pm - May 2008 Prompts
the phone will bite me
Sorry I'm a day late getting these up! Finals are here so it's getting crazy around here. This prompt list was compiled by fireflypenance

May 1 -- must have been late afternoon
May 2 -- I used to be my own protection
May 3 -- can't learn from our past
May 4 -- all you got is me
May 5 -- win or lose I'm starting over again
May 6 -- I used to like your smile once
May 7 -- lemme hear your battle cry tonight
May 8 -- and onto borrowed time
May 9 -- this is a new age
May 10 -- keep your number for a rainy day
May 11 -- one cold night
May 12 -- heaven ain't close in a place like this
May 13 -- what does it mean to you?
May 14 -- destiny? who cares?
May 15 -- I leave my life in your hands
May 16 -- you built a wall to keep you free
May 17 -- I'll be with you when the stars start falling
May 18 -- these are the lives you'd love to lead
May 19 -- stay and drown with me
May 20 -- there's still time to change the road you're on
May 21 -- misery loves me
May 22 -- he talks like a gentlemen
May 23 -- I can't seem to find myself again
May 24 -- these are the last words that I'll ever speak
May 25 -- is there life before a death?
May 26 -- it's not like I'm walking alone
May 27 -- this is my church of choice
May 28 -- it ain't over yet
May 29 -- love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice
May 30 -- fight this thing until we've won
May 31 -- the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation

Also announcing now that for the next month's prompts, we're taking volunteers who want to come up with them. We're ideally looking for two volunteers to split the 30 days in June (fifteen prompts each). If you're interested, just reply to this post, please!

I need to remind you all that the prompts for April are good until May 7 after that you can't post them in the community.

Happy writing!
Kingdom Hearts | Riku&amp;Sora
Title: Three's a Crowd
Author: aurons_fan .
Prompt & Day: April 15 -- I can't be forsaken, I'm not the only one
Character/Pairings: Riku, Sora, Kairi. Implied Riku/Sora if you squint and tilt to the left.
Rating: PG
Summary: Before Kingdom Hearts, there was Riku and Sora. And then Kairi joined the mix.
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney.
Warnings: None. Spoilers, kinda, for KH1.
Author Note: ...I actually like the three of them. I seem like I may not like Kairi, but I just shed her in a non-pleasant light. Sorry about that, Kairi. D:

( When Riku sees Sora running over to him, arms waving and a grin as wide as the sky on his face, he simply gives a small smile back, and picks up his wooden sword. )
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